7 February 2020

Lowewood Museum - Event

Man on the Moon Exhibition - Support Your Museum day on Saturday 22 February

Lowewood Museum has a new exhibition celebrating the 1969 moon landing which is officially opening on 15 February (so open for the half term holidays). 


The Friends of Lowewood and The Hoddesdon Society are encouraging people to come to the museum on Saturday 22 February for a second Support your Museum day, following the success of the first event on 21 January which was attended by nearly 100 people.   


Lowewood Museum needs as many people to visit as possible so it can show Broxbourne Council how much support there is for the campaign to keep it open.


There is a mission control console and astronaut space suits for the children to dress up in - some schools are visiting in the next couple of weeks. The exhibition stays open until 30 May 2020 so there is plenty of time to visit if you can't make it to the Support Your Museum Day.


For more information and opening hours, go to Lowewood Museum's website.