What can you do?


  1. Write a letter or email to your Councillor.  A template and example letter are given below, but standard letters do not have as much impact as individually worded letters, so please use your own words as much as possible.
  2. Sign the petition at Change.org - https://www.change.org/p/broxbourne-borough-council-save-lowewood-museum-hoddesdon-from-closure-at-the-end-of-june-2020.
  3. Print out a copy of the campaign poster and put it in your window.
  4. Get campaign updates via social media or by joining us and receiving our emails.  Follow The Friends of Lowewood Museum and The Hoddesdon Society on Facebook.
  5. New action!  Write to your Hertfordshire County Councillor and ask them to support the campaign and raise this issue with Broxbourne Council.  Click here to find your councillor
  6. New action!  Write to Councillor Siobhan Monaghan directly to express your views (cllr.monaghan@broxbourne.gov.uk). Councillor Monaghan is the Cabinet Member for Housing and Community Services, so the museum falls within her remit (and with the rest of the Cabinet made the decision in December 2019).


Key campaign documents


Open letter from Sir Antony Gormley to Broxbourne Borough Council.


Template/example letter to your councillor.


Campaign poster.


Correspondence with the Council


Letter sent to Cabinet in advance of 16 December 2019 meeting.


Letter on procedural issues sent to Chief Executive 21 Jan 2020.


Email to Chief Executive 29 January 2020.


Holding response from Chief Executive 30 January 2020.


Letter to County Councillor Hutchings 11 February 2020.


Letter sent to all councillors 13 February 2020.


Letter to Councillor Monaghan 13 February 2020.





Campaign connections

In the media

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The Council has confirmed that the decision has already been taken to close Lowewood.  This deprives the residents of the Borough of an important community and educational resource and will leave the Borough of Broxbourne with NO other repository for local history and heritage.


This was a decision by the five Councillors who form the Cabinet. It was not considered by the full Council.


The Cabinet considered a report produced by the Council about the closure.  We do not believe that this report adequately considers the full educational and community value that will be lost if the museum is closed.


As it currently stands, Lowewood will close in June 2020.  We must all take action now to persuade the Council to reverse this decision, or this unique community resource which tells the story of our Borough will be lost forever. 

Stop the closure of Lowewood Museum