Application made for permission to build five residential units on existing car park

The first application for development on the former Hoddesdon Police Station site has been made, relating to the car parking area behind the existing set of buildings (for which no application has yet been made).  The Local Plan anticipates the whole site to accommodate 30 new dwellings in total.


Policy HOD3 in the Local Plan (relating specifically to the former Hoddesdon Police Station site) specifies that "Development proposals should conserve and enhance the Conservation Area and the setting of the nearby listed buildings, and make a positive contribution to the street scene appropriate to this prominent site on the approach to Hoddesdon Town Centre".


The proposal is for a single structure comprising five two-bedroom residential units, with five associated car parking spaces (links below to PDFs of the application and drawings showing what the building will look like).   The building will have a white render finish and grey roof tiles.  Aesthetically, the building seems a nice addition to the local area. 


There are fewer car parking spaces than the relevant guidance would expect.  Policy TM5 of the Local Plan provides that Planning applications will be determined with regard to the Guidelines in Appendix B, which provide for new residential developments to have 2 car parking spaces per 2-bedroom dwelling.  However, the surrounding paragraphs also note that the Council will seek a sensible balance of car and cycle places, and notes that too much parking provision promotes car usage at the expense of sustainable transport.  The proximity of this location to Broxbourne Station and Hoddesdon High Street generally may mean that the Council will be prepared to accept fewer than the 10 spaces suggested by the Guidelines.  Provision for electric vehicle charging should also be made (Policy TM4) and 1 cycle space per unit should also be provided for if there is no garage or shed. It is not clear if either has been catered for.


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Key documents:


Planning application

Drawings accompanying application



25 May 2021

Proposal for development at rear of former Police Station