Funds to be spent on CCTV system, lighting to the clocktower and brown tourist attraction signs

At the Section 106 Panel on 18 February funds were committed to the following projects for Hoddesdon Town Centre:


  • A 12 camera CCTV system is to be set up in the town.  The running costs (c. £13,000 per year) are to be met by Love Hoddesdon BID, subject to the Council funding the set up costs (c. £60,000).  Love Hoddesdon BID have committed to fund the CCTV for five years.  It will be owned by the Council and run by the Hertfordshire CCTV Camera Partnership.  The Council have made it clear that it would not take on the costs of running the scheme in the future.  There is said to be a business case because, with the increased footfall to the town, there has been an increase in shoplifting and antisocial behaviour.  The aim is to implement this in Spring 2020.
  • Brown tourist attraction signs are to be provided in a project which has been jointly funded by Love Hoddesdon BID (cost to the Council £12,000).  These signs will say "Hoddesdon - historic market town" and will have icons promoting the theatre, restaurants and parks.  Regrettably, these signs have had the Museum indication removed from them following the Cabinet's decision in December 2019.  They are going to be placed on the A10 (northbound and southbound), the A1170 (northbound and southbound) and Dobbs Weir Road/Essex Road.


  • The lighting to the clocktower is to be improved. Again, this is to be 50/50 funded with Love Hoddesdon BID (the Council's share would be £10,000).  Proposals for the lighting have not yet been obtained, but the scheme will deal with the problematic LED uplighters (which let in water) and the design of the strip lighting, which allows bottles to be thrown up and requires regular clearing.   (This lighting was only intstalled in 2012.)  The Council's report notes that it would welcome proposals for alternative lighting schemes "that involve subtle changes of colour or other artistic representations".

All of these proposals have been jointly developed with Love Hoddesdon BID.


In non-Hoddesdon news, there are also plans to commit funds for an adventure golf course at Cheshunt Park Golf Centre - to the tune of £200,000.





21 February 2020

S106 funding for town centre


Photo by Tim Vizer