Consultation ends 19 February 2020 - last chance to have your say

The Council is currently consulting on modifications made to the draft Local Plan, with all comments to be in by 5pm on 19 February 2020.  This consultation only relates to these latest amendments.  These modifications follow examination hearings for the draft Local Plan in 2018 and 2019 and have been made to ensure that the Plan is sound and legally compliant.


The Council has issued a guidance note explaining where you can view the documents in hard copy and how you can provide your comments.  All of the documents are available on their website in electronic form.  This is your last chance to make any comments on the modifications.


There are a number of detailed changes relating to the Brookfield development.  Specific elements relating to Hoddesdon and Broxbourne include further plans for housebuilding in the area.  In Hoddesdon, these are:


  • 60 dwellings at the 19 Amwell Street and Scania House site.  The Council views this as an opportunity to create an attrative and welcoming gateway to the town and enhance the setting of the historical area nearby;
  • 40 dwellings at the Turnford Surfacing Site (near Rye House station), plus a car park to serve the station;
  • 30 dwellings at the former Hoddesdon Police Station. The amendments note that development plans should conserve and enhance the Conservation Area and make a positive contribution to the High Street;
  • 35 dwellings at the site east of the Dinant Link Road (with access from Lampits).
  • There are also the existing plans for 485 dwellings in the High Leigh Garden Village and 40 at the Westfield Primary School site.


In Broxbourne, plans are for:


  • 35 dwellings at the Gas Distribution Station site (with vehicular access from Admirals Walk); and
  • 153 dwellings at the Broxbourne School site.


The Council are also produce a borough wide Historic Environment Strategy Supplemental Planning Document which will include a historical and conservation area appraisal.  This will be a standalone document which will set out planning provisions relating to the historic area (which have therefore been deleted from the draft Local Plan). 


It is noted that the plans for a further secondary school in Wormley appear to have taken a step back following deliverability issues raised by the County Council. It still appears to be the Council's preferred site but a Development Plan justifying the site selection is to be produced.



7 February 2020

Local Plan Consultation

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